Class 9 (Marathi Medium) Maharashtra Free Worksheet / Activity Sheet.

Class 9 Maharashtra replace the question paper from 2017-18. All question paper are converted into activity sheet. There is no chance for memory storing (Ratta) .To score more marks in class 9(Marathi Medium) Maharashtra board exams it is necessary to solve different type of activity sheet, worksheet to improve your score. In this academic year your score is more important because it can open the door of opportunity for your future.

Role of worksheet/activity sheet
1) It improves your grade.
2) This is independent learning tool.
3) It helps to measure your progress.
4) It helps to your mind to embrace learning.
5) Every chapter plays an imperative role in building your success.
6) It is helpful for revision and preparation of your class 10 Maharashtra board examination.
7) It helps students to think critically, experiment, read, write and explain their learning.
8) Every student solves the chapter wise test or worksheet as per board pattern to know the actual board pattern of exam.

Sr Subject Work Sheet 1 Work Sheet 2
1 English Download Download
2 Hindi Download Download
3 Marathi Download Download
4 Maths I Download Download
5 Maths II Download Download
6 Science I Download Download
7 Science II Download Download
8 History Download Download
9 Geography- Download Download


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