Tips & Tricks for computer Science


Now a days computer science is a important subjects for all world. The key of this subject learning is understanding the concepts and understanding of programming, computer science student leave a chance in every type of industry.

There are many reasons that computer science is to popular including job security, high salary, diverse job opportunities, across globe Math subject is more important - Math subject is more important for studying in computer science because software engineer will discrete math when they work out algorithm for software. Even game programmers use a lot of mathematics at the time of creating 3 D. Need of writing practice - You must have a practice to write properly because In software engineering, you may write requirement specification, test plan, good writing skill will help you.

Concentrate on flow chart - For programming, good planning is more important for any project. Plan out your program.

Make sure aboard your position - There are lot of position in computer field. If you are not interested for the coding there are so many position in this field like technical writing, Dramatic writing, graphic art, business management select any interested position.

Use all resources - There are so many online resources are available to help you for any problem in the form of tutorials, forum, live help only you have to find them and utilize them for your problem solving.

Because a good programmer - Try to become a good programmer, for that you will need to learn business side programming. This include thing like system analysis, database, security management and documentation.

Don’t stuck in one language - Learn the basic of other language also. You must know the C, C++ promptly to make sure about other languages.

Don’t focus on grade only – concentrate on concept and implementation directly. Don’t take shortcut at the time of learning. It is more important to learn lot than to worry about grades.

Don’t forget other subjects - Don’t ignore other subject classes, pay attention for that also for good GPA.

Choose good partner - Choose good study partner, they can really help you to the right mindset for good learning.

See the deadline - Try to finish your programming projects before the deadline in advance.

Participate in competitions - Participate in Programming Competitions if you can, you have nothing to loss and pushing yourself to learn more.

Improve listening – Improve your listening ability for lecture, listen some speakers for good developing.

Find out good area - For graduation in computer engineering find out what areas are going to dominate in the next decade, like machine learning, cloud computing.

Code Smart - Try to make good coding. There are many sides are available, which help you for good coding.

Presentation skill - One of the most important skill of presentation is important for computer science student. It is more important than your program, design and algorithms. You must spend time to learn good presentation. You must write your well email, blog post, tweets, face book pest, you must speak well.

Create your own notes for the more important terms and concepts.

Remember all definition, applications, thoroughly, create flow charts for programming.

At the time of writing a program the to maintain the required space between two lives.

Pay attention during practical’s make a practice on a computer.

Practice sample paper / previous board exam. Paper to understand the pattern and identify your weak areas. CARRIER IN COMPUTER SCIENCE

Carrier in Computer industry is one of the best high – paying job. Because India’s power of information technology is well known in the globe.

Number of IT companies from India and world need following IT professionals.

    Software Developers
    Hardware Engineers
    System Designer
    System Analyst.
    Networking Engineers
    Data base Administrator

2) Yahoo
3) Hawlett – Packers,
4) IBM
5) Toshiba
6) Dell
7) NEC
9) Apple
10 ) Acer
11) Lenovo
12) SUN
13) TCS
14) Infosys
15) HCL
16) Wipro
17) Tech Mahindra


1) IIT - Kanpur 2)
IIT - Kharagpur
3) IIT – Mumbai
4) IIT – Madras
5) IIT - Delhi
6) BIT - Mesra
7) NIT -Trichy
8) BITS –Pilani
9) IIT - Roorkee
10) IIT - Bhu.
11) IIT - Guwahati
12) COE – Gvindy
13) NIT - Warangal
14) Anna University


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