Tips & Tricks for Electronics

Electronics is main branch in Engineering. In every sector there is a need of electronics tools,equipment and many more things.

Different types of electronics eld.

  • Basic Electronics
  • Applied Electronics
  • Industrial electronics
  • Medical electronics
  • Instrumentation Electronics
  • Telecommunication

Many people thinks this eld of electronic is very hard to know but if you can start with fun you can easily understand this subject. Electronics eld required a fair amount of attention to know details about each and all component with its working principle, types, application and charactorestic of each component. Once you know the all component, its very easy to learn about circuitory , and its use in different requirement. Many electronics component and principle are easy to understand.

How learn about electronics

  • Studying the syllabus pattern rst and make a list of component and learn about its working.
  • To get simple understanding of the basic concepts in electronics component.
  • Understand the basic block diagram of every equipment with its working.
  • You know the symbol of all components to understand circuit.
  • You must know the component checking is it good, short, open with testing.
  • Must start to build a simple circuit.
  • Start to make a simple projects, take on a project that you feel inspired for more interest.
  • Different types of project give you different challenges and these challenges are good to learn more thing.
  • Try to gain more skill from each projects.
  • Learn how to solder.
  • Try to build a circuit with the help of Integrated circuit.
  • If you are interested in electronics and information technology ?you have to balance between and scientic and technical information and practical skills.
  • You must develop your creativity and inventiveness.
  • Take a good notes and keep them all after your classes are over.
  • Develop a good relationship with your lecturer or professor.
  • Ask more question to your lecturer to clarify difcult question and concepts.
  • Try to solve problem before asking help from another.
  • Form a study group between your best friend those who are interested in electronics.
  • Understanding is not only matter develope attitude or engineer to solve problem.
  • Make your own portfolio about projets.
  • Learn when to lead and when to back down because engineers often work in terms. You should maintain comfortable position in your team.
  • Learn to do your own work and self motivate.
  • Be a perfectionist in your works.
  • Try to select proper electronics eld which you like more.
  • Make sure about your practical knowledge for good learning.


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