Class 11 th Science, Maharashtra State Board.
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FREE WORKSHEETS – Class 11th Science (Maharashtra state board)

Worksheets are very important form of Performance assessment. It is useful to know, Students Knowledge, outcomes of learning. Our Science worksheets are a perfect way for students to practice some of the concepts they learn in their college or tuition.

Class 11 Science Maharashtra board students use these worksheets to know about their strength.

Download printable worksheets for class 11th Science of Maharashtra State Board. Students can download free assignments for practice chapter wise questions. Free pdf download of class 11 Science worksheets will help you to score more marks in your class test and college examination.

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Class 11 Science subjects Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology FREE worksheets.

Class 11 Physics - (Maharashtra State Board)
Chapter -1 Units and Measurements
Chapter – 4 Laws of Motion
Chapter – 8 Sound
Chapter -12 Magnetism

Class 11 Chemistry (Maharashtra State Board)
Chapter -1 Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry
Chapter – 4 Structure of Atom
Chapter – 8 Elements of Group 1 and 2
Chapter -12 Chemical Equilibrium

Class 11 Mathematics & Stat.(Math-1) (Maharashtra State Board)
Chapter -1 Angle and its Measurement
Chapter – 4 Determinants and Matrices
Chapter – 6 Circle
Chapter -8 Measures of Dispersion

Class 11 Mathematics & Stat.(Math-2) (Maharashtra State Board)
Chapter -1 Complex Numbers
Chapter – 4 Methods of Induction and Binomial Theorem
Chapter – 6 Functions
Chapter -8 Continuity

Class 11 Biology (Maharashtra State Board)
Chapter -1 Living World
Chapter – 4 Kingdom Animalia
Chapter – 8 Plant Tissues and Anatomy
Chapter -12 Photosynthesis


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