Textbook solution of class 10 (Maharashtra State Board)

Dear class 10 students,

We provide a textbook solution for your effective study preparation and test exam preparation. Homework is best part of your study planning, this Maharashtra state board textbook solution help you for your self-study. Student’s wants to gain command over the subjects must solve all the exercise from the textbook. Textbook solution of class 10 Maharashtra are created by expert teachers.

Key features of textbook solution for class 10 (Maharashtra state board)

  • Chapter-wise and topic-wise solution.
  • Properly organizes solution.
  • Easy to understand and learn.
  • Exact method of solving.
  • Helps students to cover all topics and chapter.

Textbook solution of class 10 (Maharashtra state board)

Mathematics - I

1. Linear Equations in Two Variables Click here
2. Quadratic Equations Click here
3. Arithmetic Progression Click here
4. Financial Planning Click here
5. Probability Click here
6. Statistics Click here

Mathematics - II

1 Similarity Click here
2 Pythagoras Theorem Click here
3 Circle Click here
4.Geometric Constructions Click here
5 Co-ordinate Geometry Click here
6 Trigonometry Click here
7.Mensuration Click here


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